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Other Services

 Private Property Towing

Our corporate office and licensed indoor and outdoor impound facility is located near downtown Minneapolis with quick access to 35W, 94 or Highway 36. We offer 24-hour impounding and storage of unauthorized vehicles from private property, such as a parking lot, ramp, or garage. All fees for the impound are charged to the registered owner or operator of the unauthorized vehicle when they come to pick up their car. This includes the fees for doing title searches, liens, and filing all the required legal registration of the tow with the city and the state, as well as notifying the registered owner that Corky’s¬† Towing has impounded their vehicle and where and how they can retrieve it. The manager or owner of the parking space, who requests the tow, pays nothing and receives nothing. Please note we do not impound cars from public streets or alleys.

Car Starting

At Gopher Towing high-power voltage-regulated starting units are used. If you are paying for a jump, we think you deserve more than a non-voltage regulated jump start from a set of jumper cables attached to a regular vehicle battery, as is the practice of our competition.


All of our trucks are equipped with professional tools to unlock car or truck doors. The drivers are trained and updated regularly to provide quality service.


Our fleet consists of flatbed and wheel-lift style tow trucks. Corky’s Towing was one of the first companies in the Twin Cities to use wheel-lift technology. The lights and booms on all of our tow trucks can handle all low clearance situations like parking ramps and garages. We appreciate and support the qualities of both small and large service facilities, as well as the right of customers to be towed to and support the service facility they prefer.

Motorcycle Transport

Cycle transport is safely accomplished either with our tilt cycle trailer or our tow trucks equipped with our custom hydraulic cycle lift with no lifting from above. It utilizes the same technology as the new wheel-lift systems used for new high tech cars that lift from under the tires. The cycle lift can easily lift and tow even when the ignition, steering or drive train is locked.